My name is Joergen Traun and I'm an electronic composer, arranger and producer. I see myself as a patient and curious person who makes music with others or alone. I use a process oriented way of making music focusing on the creative process, as opposed to a result oriented way of working. To me this method results in some very unique music tracks, which tell a story.

I had a lot of fun doing this site. And I hope you will enjoy it and get a lot of inspiration.

“An excellent and unique sound technician, who has been composing music since the age of nine. He is one of the very few people that actually understand the layers of any sound, and who are able to design it from scratch using nothing but analogue synths. Joergen is extremely creative and his critical and process oriented work with sound in general speaking, define him as a composer, producer and mastering technician.”

Kaimo Sound